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Awards and Grants

The Haggiag Family Awards for Israeli Cinema in Memory of Nissim Haggiag
Best Full-Length Feature
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Editing
Best Music
The Van Leer Group Foundation Awards
Best Documentary
Best Director of a Documentary
Best Cinematography in Full-Length Feature
Best Student Short Narrative/Documentary/Animation Film
Pitch Point Award
The Pirchi Family Award in Memory of Anat Pirchi 
Award for Best Israeli First Film
Best Script in Full-Length Israeli Feature
The Audience Favorite Award 
The Wilf Family Foundation Awards for Best International Film
In the Spirit of Freedom Awards in Memory of Wim van Leer
The Cummings Award for Best Feature Film
The Ostrovsky Award for Best Documentary Film
The Jewish Experience Awards Courtesy of Michaela and Leon Constantiner
The Lia Award, in Honor of Jerusalem Cinematheque Founder Lia van Leer, for films dealing with Jewish Heritage | The Avner Shalev–Yad Vashem Chairman’s Award for Artistic Achievement in Holocaust-Related Films
The Israeli Video Art and Experimental Cinema Awards
The Lia van Leer Award, courtesy of Rivka Saker
Award on behalf of the Ostrovsky Family Fund
The Jerusalem Pitch Point Awards
Van Leer Group Foundation Award
The Wouter Barendrecht - Lia van Leer
The NFCT Grant - Awarded to Films and Filmmakers that give voice to the social and geographic periphery of Israel 
CINELAB Work-in-Progress Award 
The Wim van Leer Award for High-School Students
Courtesy of the The Ostrovsky Family Fund
FIPRESCI Award for International First Film
FIPRESCI Award for Best Israeli Debut Film
The Alex Bernstein Production Award for Outstanding Film Students
Cinematheque Young Critics Club Award for Best Children’s Film
Courtesy of the Nathan Cummings Foundation
The Hop, Skip and Jump, The Jerusalem Film and TV Fund at the Jersalem Development Authority 
Our thanks to the awards donors and to the supporters who have accompanied the Festival for the past 33 years.
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