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The films in this category are nominated for the following awards:

FIPRESCI Award for Best First Film
A couple in the process of adoption fakes a pregnancy album to hide their fertility problems. Adoption, however, can be a long process when the parents are picky. This impressive debut won the Visionary Award at the Cannes Critics' Week.
To get her sweetheart's attention, a beautiful girl decides to test the sexual boundaries of their relationship, leading to a series of wild sex parties. Eva Husson's debut feature takes a fascinating, disturbing and uncompromising look at a group of uninhibited teenagers.
Liam Cunningham, Berenice Bejo and Robert Pattinson star in this unique drama about an American family in post-WWI France who has to cope with their young son's tantrums. This intelligent yet disturbing film won two awards at the Venice Film Festival.
A married couple embarks on a sailing holiday, leaving behind their son and daughter. The yacht capsizes, the family dog disappears and the family faces a crisis. This smart, refreshing family drama was a hit at international festivals last year.
Three women are forced out of their homes in a war-torn region of Columbia. Each of their respective journeys leads them from the jungle into the safer suburbs of Columbia where they must somehow gather thestrength to start anew.
As Sara's 13th birthday approaches, she is feeling overwhelmed by her first crush, changing body and the disputes between her two mothers and her biological father. Winner of the Grand Prix of the Generation at the Berlin Film Festival.
Magnus von Horn's sensitive debut reveals, layer by layer, the reasons behind a small Swedish community's hostility toward an introverted teenager who had committed a crime in his past, but desperately wants to begin anew.
In 1977 Buenos Aires, a man learns of a planned abduction operation by the dictatorship. Racing against time, he must decide whether to risk his life to save these people. This intelligent debut won Best Film at the Buenos Aires Festival.
The winner of Directors' Fortnight in Cannes takes us to rural Afghanistan, where imaginative stories are told to explain the mysteries of the world. This uniquely spectacular piece combines ethnographic naturalism and fantastic realism.
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