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Spirit of Freedom

The films in this category are nominated for the following awards:

In the Spirit of Freedom Awards in Memory of Wim van Leer
Cummings Award for Best Feature Film | Ostrovsky Award for Best Documentary Film
Poland, 1945. A French Red Cross doctor on a humanitarian mission discovers a number of pregnant nuns in need of medical care. This drama deals with the crisis of faith that arises when the house of God is desecrated by war.
Clara, the last resident of a seafront condo in Recife, Brazil, finds herself in a nerve-wracking confrontation with a real estate company that is trying to buy the building. The latest film by Kleber Mendonca Filho (Neighboring Sounds) was enthusiastically received at Cannes.
14-year-old Sofia falls in love with Ulises, not knowing that he was sent to seduce and abduct her to his family's brothel. When Ulises decides to free Sofia, he discovers that he has to find another girl to take her place.
In his latest film, Cambodian-French filmmaker Rithy Panh (The Missing Picture) continues his account of his life as a boy under the Khmer Rouge regime. His approach is more abstract this time, combining imagery, voiceover narration and archival propaganda materials.
Marco is a skinhead who hates Arabs, Jews, blacks and gays. It will take him thirty years to rid himself of his anger and become a changed man. This engrossing drama takes a critical look at some troubling aspects of French society.
The disturbing reality of modern-day China is exposed in Nanfu Wang's fascinating documentary following 'Hooligan Sparrow' – a renowned activist who fights against the sexual abuse of women. The filmmaker and Sparrow find themselves under constant surveillance and harassment by the authorities.
This documentary follows the January 2015 Paris terror attacks, starting with the Charlie Hebdo attack where 12 people lost their lives and continuing with the attack on a kosher supermarket. Daniel and Emmanuel Leconte revisit those fateful days and interview survivors.
When her insurance company refuses to sign off on her husband’s life-saving treatment, Sonia declares an all-out war against the system. Rodrigo Pla (The Zone) combines elements of suspense and social-realism to form a gripping and touching film.
A group of volunteers heads out to Africa to find 300 orphans to take to France for adoption. They soon face the limitations of humanitarian intervention. Esteemed director Joachim Lafosse examines the fine line between humanitarianism and paternalistic colonialism.
In August, 1966, a sniper climbed to the top of a tower at The University of Texas at Austin and committed a horrifying massacre. Keith Maitland combines archival footage with rotoscope animation to revive a grim day in U.S. history.
The Lord’s Resistance Army is a violent guerilla movement, established in Uganda in the late 1980s, which kidnapped and forcibly conscripted more than 60,000 teenagers. In an effort to rebuild their lives, four revisit the places that had stripped them of their childhood.
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