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The life of a jealous husband spins out of control when his wife meets a slick Hollywood director. A myriad of characters soon joins the party, triggering a fateful chain of events. Winner of a special mention at the Venice Film Festival.
104-year-old Brunhilde Pomsel, the stenographer of Nazi Minister for Propaganda Joseph Goebbels from 1942 to the end of the war, relates for the first time her life story. Her experiences raise the troubling and timeless question: how reliable is our moral compass?
Jean-Louis Trintignant and Anouk Aimee portray a young widow and widower whose relationship is disturbed by memories of the past. A newly restored copy of Claude Lelouch's impressive melodrama, which was awarded the Palme d'Or and two Oscars exactly 50 years ago.
A Danish company commander caught in crossfire with his men in Afghanistan makes a fatal decision, which will affect both him and his family back home. Tobias Lindholm's new film was nominated for Best Foreign Film at the Academy Awards.
Poland, 1945. A French Red Cross doctor on a humanitarian mission discovers a number of pregnant nuns in need of medical care. This drama deals with the crisis of faith that arises when the house of God is desecrated by war.
A couple in the process of adoption fakes a pregnancy album to hide their fertility problems. Adoption, however, can be a long process when the parents are picky. This impressive debut won the Visionary Award at the Cannes Critics' Week.
Aiman, a young correctional officer, is transferred to a top security prison. When the personal assistant to the chief executioner quits, he accepts the position, but his conscience and family history soon haunt him. Apprentice premiered at the recent Cannes Festival
Clara, the last resident of a seafront condo in Recife, Brazil, finds herself in a nerve-wracking confrontation with a real estate company that is trying to buy the building. The latest film by Kleber Mendonca Filho (Neighboring Sounds) was enthusiastically received at Cannes.
A newly restored digital copy of Rafi Bukai's 1986 masterpiece. On the last day of the Six Day War, two Egyptian soldiers set out on a surreal journey through the Sinai Desert in an attempt to get back home safely.
To get her sweetheart's attention, a beautiful girl decides to test the sexual boundaries of their relationship, leading to a series of wild sex parties. Eva Husson's debut feature takes a fascinating, disturbing and uncompromising look at a group of uninhibited teenagers.
Based on archive material, the film reveals the final years in the life of Israel's founder, David Ben Gurion. Excluded from leadership, he allowed himself a hindsight perspective on the Zionist enterprise and self-examined himself.
This inspiring documentary about Bernadette Lafont traces the French star's personal and professional life, from her work as a pinup girl, through her status as the sensual movie star of the New Wave, to her unforgettable role in Paulette (2012).
David is discharged from the army after serving 27 years. When a friend suggests working for a company that markets dietary supplements, David sees this as an opportunity to get his foot in the door of the business world. But this decision slowly gets him and his family entangled in the web of dark forces that rule life in Israel.
The life of wealthy businessman Boris takes an unxpectedturn when his wife falls into a deep depression. A stranger blames Boris for her condition, driving him to reevaluate his life choices and try to become a better partner, parent and son.
A father (Viggo Mortensen) raising his six kids in the forest is forced to leave his secluded paradise. The family's journey into civilization challenges his idea of parenthood. Winner of the Un Certain Regard Directing Award in Cannes.
Michelle Williams, Kristen Stewart and Laura Dern star in the new film by acclaimed indie director Kelly Reichardt. A cinematic triptych depicting several women in Montana, continues Reichardt's sharp-eyed and sensitive study of the people on the margins of American society.
Liam Cunningham, Berenice Bejo and Robert Pattinson star in this unique drama about an American family in post-WWI France who has to cope with their young son's tantrums. This intelligent yet disturbing film won two awards at the Venice Film Festival.
A Social Commentary Thriller - A young volunteer arrives to a Kibbutz in 1973, and discovers that the terror is deeper than she could have imagined.
14-year-old Sofia falls in love with Ulises, not knowing that he was sent to seduce and abduct her to his family's brothel. When Ulises decides to free Sofia, he discovers that he has to find another girl to take her place.
David Greenberg was a director, film critic, and teacher but above all he was a man of the cinema, a true cinephile and one of the founders of film culture in Israel, both in terms of the film industry and in terms of exposing the Israeli audience to seminal works of modernist European art cinema
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