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JFW - Jerusalem Film Workshop

The Jerusalem Film Workshop is a unique program for creative young filmmakers (aged 18-26) from all over the world to gain filmmaking skills and explore the land of Israel. During the 6-week workshop, students have the opportunity to make two short films that present new and fresh perspectives of Jerusalem.

The program includes master classes taught by leading figures in the Israeli film industry; hands-on, practical experience at the Ma`aleh School of Television, Film and the Arts; and traveling around Israel. This year, the workshop is adding the "Festivals Track," which brings together distinguished young filmmakers from Jewish Film Festivals around the world, to create two short films that will compete successfully at international festivals.

The JFW is an initiative of Green Productions together with the Onward Israel program of the Jewish Agency, The New Fund for Cinema and TV, The Jerusalem Film & Television Fund, The Jerusalem Foundation, Bank Hapoalim, Jerusalem Municipality and United King Films.

The program is held in conjunction with the Jerusalem Film Festival.

Screening of Jerusalem Film Workshop films

In the presence of the workshop participants

Wednesday, July 14, 10:00, Cinematheque 4  

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