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Koko-di Koko-da
Dir.: Johannes Nyholm | 86 minutes

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Sweden, Denmark 2019 | 86 minutes | Swedish, Danish | Hebrew, English subtitles

Three years after a family tragedy, Elin and Tobias go camping in an attempt to rehabilitate their relationship. Never could they have imagined that it would turn into a nightmare when three psychopaths arrive—a talkative dandy, a silent long-haired girl, and a giant—armed with guns, knives, and an aggressive dog with a healthy appetite. Although it may appear that the nightmare is over, we gradually discover that the couple is caught up in an endless loop, transfixed between sleep and consciousness, in which nuances change with every turn. Pure horror motifs are skillfully combined with elements from the childish world of Nyholm’s second film (The Giant) in this wonderfully effective work that debuted at Sundance FF.