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The Halt
Dir.: Lav Diaz | 278 minutes

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Philippines 2019 | 278 minutes | Filipino, English | Hebrew, English subtitles

Manila, 2034. For three years, South East Asia has gone completely sunless as a result of a volcanic eruption. Pandemics rage violently; millions have been killed and many others driven out. The state is ruled by a mad dictator and his two female assistants; on the other side, are underground rebels. If in his past work, Lav Diaz has chosen past worlds to reflect upon the present, this time, the Filipino master employs a futuristic plot to mirror the somber political reality of his homeland today. The esteemed director constructs both a narrative and atmosphere with his signature poetic skills, while using static camera and prolonged shots. Although creating a dystopian future, he does not refrain from interweaving flashes of humor and ends the film on an optimistic chord.

Original title:
Ang Hupa