Monthly Screenings

Cinematic Variations on Live Classical Music 2016-17

Jerusalem Cinematheque in cooperation with the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance



A Program for Cinema and Music Lovers

November 2016 – June 2017 / The 24th Season

This year, Cinematic Variations on Live Classical Music will include 15 events, meeting twice monthly on Saturday mornings at 11:00.

Each event includes a short concert, lecture in Hebrew and the screening of a full-length film.

Unless otherwise indicated, each event lasts 2-3 hours.

Participants include teachers and students from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, as well as guest artists and lecturers.

Ticket price: 90 NIS / Senior citizens, students and soldiers: 70 NIS / Jerusalem residents: 80 NIS / Cinematheque members: 55 NIS per event or a multi-ticket that includes free admission to ten events, at an additional price of 195 NIS (The multi-ticket is personal)

Tickets may be ordered in advance from event to event.  There will be no refunds, and it will not be possible to replace tickets for orders that were not used or were canceled less than 48 hours before the event.

Tickets for subscribers will be kept until 15 minutes before the program begins. Subscribers that have not collected ordered tickets and failed to collect them three times will be banned from ordering tickets in advance.

The organizers reserve the right to make changes in the program. All changes will be published in the monthly program and website of the Jerusalem Cinematheque.

There will be no entrance to the hall during the concert section of the program.

Box Office Hours: Sun.–Thu. 10:00 – 20:00, Fri. 10:00 - 14:00.

For further information and to purchases *9377

The Pioneers

Bronislaw Huberman and the first years of the Philharmonic Orchestra, marking eighty years of the orchestra's founding. Lecture, concert, and film 

Orchestra of Exiles

Dir.: Josh Aronson
| 84 minutes

Orchestra of Exiles tells the story Bronislaw Huberman's 4-year journey, which ends with the establishment of the orchestra that will one day become the Israel Philharmonic. 

Music Knows No Boundaries – The Power of a Universal Art

Encounter with idealist musicians, like Yo-Yo Ma and his international colleges. Lecture, concert, and film

The Music of Strangers

Dir.: Morgan Neville
| 95 minutes

Throughout his decades-long career, world-renowned concert cellist Yo-Yo Ma never stopped wondering about music as a means of communication, able to create unexpected connections between people. That was the source of his “Silk Road” project, which brought together musicians from around the world. 

The Singer

The story of Barbra Streisand's artistic life. Lecture, concert, and film.

Somewhere Barbra Streisand

Dir.: André Halimi
| 55 minutes

The film follows Barbra Streisand 's career using testimonies made by herself and interviews with those who has been around: Michel Legrand, Gregory Peck, Jane Fonda and excerpts from musicals (Yentl, Funny Girl, and more).

Tsitsanis - The Giant of Greek Music

The man who took Rebetiko out of the Hash Dens and into mainstream Greek music. Lecture, concert, and film. 

Cloudy Sunday

Dir.: Manoussos Manoussakis
| 116 minutes

Under the German occupation, a young couple, George and Estrea, fall in love. The adventurous lovers, caught between a brutal totalitarian regime and the absurdity of racial discrimination, find refuge in the historic Ouzeri Tsitsanis, a taverna run by composer Vasilis Tsitsanis. 

In the Footsteps of Jan Peerce: On Cantors and Opera

Lecture, concert, and film

If I Were a Rich Man

Dir.: Peter Rosen, Larry Peerce
| 59 minutes

Jan Peerce was a great singer, universally acclaimed as one of the outstanding artists of his time. Beginning with Peerce’s roots on the Lower East Side of New York, this film takes us uptown and around the world with him. 

Claude Debussy – Between Romanticism and Impressionism

One of the greatest musical innovators of the early twentieth century, Debussy fused many different styles to create a uniquely sensual and fascinating language. Lecture, concert, and film.

Claude Debussy Music Cannot be Learned

Dir.: Georges Gachot
| 58 minutes

Already as a pupil at the Conservatoire, Claude Debussy composed music that did not conform to the theory of the times. This fascinating documentary brings the composer back to life through the writings of relatives and acquaintances.

Three a.m. in the City

Yoni Rechter's unique style. Lecture, concert, and film.

Man in His Room

Dir.: Anat Zeltser
| 60 minutes

This film follows Yoni Rechter – one of Israel's most influential musicians of recent decades – in his everyday routine and on the stage, trying in the process to unlock the Rechterian secret of his continuously effervescent work. 

Louis Armstrong’s New Orleans

Louis Armstrong’s life story and roots of his success. Lecture, concert, and film.

Un siecle avec Louis Armstrong

Dir.: André Halimi
| 50 minutes

When he was alive but even after his death, Louis Armstrong has always been thought to be the one that started everything in jazz. His trumpet is in our hearts and his songs are on our lips.

Arthur Rubinstein - Aristocratic Piano and Popular Piano

The relations between art music and folk music in the works of key composers and in Rubinstein's playing. Lecture, concert, and film.

Rubinstein Remembered

Dir.: Peter Rosen
| 57 minutes

This documentary reviews the life of the greatest pianist of the twentieth century, Arthur Rubinstein. This 100th anniversary tribute features archival interviews with him and his family, home movies and rare footage of his concerts. 

At the Heart of the Mainstream

The exceptional life story of the great American singer Nat King Cole. Lecture, concert, and film.

The Unforgettable Nat King Cole

Dir.: Alan Lewens
| 90 minutes

This portrait traces Nat King Cole's life from his birthplace in Alabama through his early career as a brilliant young jazz pianist in Chicago to world famous vocalist. The film includes vintage film of Cole talking and performing his best loved songs. 

Paris: The Rise and Fall of the Rive Gauche

Lecture, concert, and film.

Il est minuit, Paris s’eveille

Dir.: Yves Jeuland
| 93 minutes

After the war, a new spirit stirred on the Rive Gauche (Left Bank) and Paris came to know prodigious nights. This film invites you to rediscover the "Rive Gauche" spirit and the artists who helped create our common memory.

The Last of the Geniuses

The life and art of Richard Strauss. Lecture, concert, and film.

Richard Strauss and his Heroines

Dir.: Thomas von Steinaecker
| 52 minutes

This film sets out on exciting journey to discover the women in Strauss’ life, and is centered primarily on his relationship with the choleric and chronically jealous Pauline. Together with conductor Franz Welser-Möst we research the secrets of Strauss’ instrumentation genius.

Offenbach’s Operetta Insults the Turkish and Austrian Ambassadors

Lecture, concert, and film

Offenbach’s Secret

Dir.: István Szabo
| 97 minutes

Academy Award winner István Szabo brings to the screen two of Jacques Offenbach’s operettas set against the backdrop of power and intrigue in nineteenth century Paris. In addition to Offenbach’s vivacious music, the film features lush customs, period details, and striking set designs.

Virgilius, Faust, Hans Sachs

The life and groundbreaking art of Franz Liszt, and his unique approach to literature and myth in his symphonic poems. Lecture, concert, and film.

Franz Liszt – The Pilgrimage Years

Dir.: Angelo Bozzolini
| 62 minutes

This documentary, featuring many leading Liszt experts, concentrates on the composer's early years, when he was travelling across Europe almost nonstop, fuelling the phenomenon described by Heine as 'Lisztomania'.