Monthly Screenings

Jerusalem Jewish Film Festival 2017

Never Be Boring: Billy Wilder

Dir.: André Schäfer, Jascha Hannover
| 90 minutes

Billy Wilder was one of the greatest and most celebrated Hollywood writers and directors. Never Be Boring dives into Wilder’s fascinating life and work, featuring archival interviews with the man himself as well as collaborators and friends. 

The N°5 War

Dir.: Stéphane Benhamou
| 53 minutes

From the moment Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel created Chanel N°5 in 1921, the iconic fragrance became the ultimate symbol of luxurious simplicity. However, very few know of the twists and turns in its story. A documentary thriller shedding light on the trade secrets behind Chanel N°5. 

Rabbi Wolff: A Gentleman Before God

Dir.: Britta Wauer
| 90 minutes

William Wolff is nearly 90 and perhaps the most unconventional rabbi in the world. A fascinating character, Wolff is a deeply religious man who, blessed with a tremendous joie de vivre, defies all conventions. 

Rage and Glory

Dir.: Avi Nesher
| 103 minutes

A new digitally remastered version of Avi Nesher's masterpiece. A tough member of the Jewish underground makes an assassination attempt on a British officer. The cell is a rag tag collection of eccentric individuals, and internal strife dooms the initial operation to failure. But against all odds, the cell members embark on a daring and complex operation.

The Re-Annotated Alice

Dir.: Paula Weiman-Kelman
| 33 minutes

Twenty years ago, Paula Weiman-Kelman made The Annotated Alice to celebrate Alice Shalvi’s accomplishments at 70. Now, The Re-Annotated Alice reveals Alice at 90. She reflects on her regrets, reveals her undiminished appetite for music and literature and, above all, her enormous capacity for friendship.

Remember Baghdad

Dir.: Fiona Murphy
| 69 minutes

The untold story of Iraq, told though the eyes of the Jews, Iraq’s first wave of refugees, are revealed through vivid testimony, home movies, and news archives - from picnics on the Tigris and royal balls, to hangings, imprisonment and escape. 

Saving Auschwitz

Dir.: Jonathan Hayoun
| 59 minutes

Saving Auschwitz examines the present function of the Auschwitz-Birkenau extermination camp. Seventy years after its liberation, clashing historical approaches, evolving politics and personal agendas beg the questions: What is the role of Auschwitz? Could Auschwitz lose its true meaning, and risk disappearing altogether? 


Created by: Eliran Malka, Daniel Paran | Dir.: Maor Zaguri, Eliran Malka
| 62 minutes

Their morning starts at 9:00 AM, at a luxurious mikveh, followed by a café, shopping, barbecue, arranged date, a joy ride. But the party ends when a strict new supervisor arrives at the yeshiva.


Dir.: Kineret Hay Gillor
| 71 minutes

I decided to return to the place where I ‘grew up’, the place where war is fought on a daily basis by the handicapped to live as normal a life as possible. Three inspiring stories about three different families who choose to continue living.

Tomka and his Friends

Dir.: Xhanfise Keko
| 74 minutes

WWII, a small Albanian village. A young boy, Tomka plays daily on the riverbank, until the Nazis invade the playground. The outraged children decide to retaliate. One of the most acclaimed works of Albanian cinema, with simple and realistic scenery, fluid camera-work, and masterful narrative. 

Vienna before Nightfall

Dir.: Robert Bober
| 74 minutes

Robert Bober recreates the memories of his great-grandfather, who lived in Vienna, alongside the Viennese intelligentsia. He re-familiarizes himself with the works of Stefan Zweig, Joseph Roth, Arthur Schnitzler, and Sigmund Freud, among others, evoking the story of the rise and fall of the cultural capital of Europe.