Monthly Screenings

Love in the 21st Century

5 meetings, once a month, Tues. 19:00

Price: 350 NIS / Members: 300 NIS

Courtship in the 19th Century

Speaker (in Heb.): Prof. Eva illouz 

Pride and Prejudice

Dir.: Joe Wright
| 127 minutes

What could seem like a match made in heaven quickly becomes one of the most classic battles of the sexes ever portrayed in literature and on screen. A wonderful adaptation of the classic novel by Jane Austen. 

Love as a Barter?

Speaker (in Heb.): Prof. Eva illouz 

The Lady Eve

Dir.: Preston Sturges
| 94 minutes

A delightful comedy about a conniving woman who tries to snare a rather simple minded millionaire. This spicy adaptation of the story of Adam, Eve and the Serpent, undercut the moral codes that were taking over 1940s Hollywood. 

Tuesday 26.12.17 26.12.17
Cinematheque 2
Cinematheque 2
2017-12-26 19:00:00 2017-12-26 22:00:00 Asia/Jerusalem Love, Gender and Role-Playing <p><span>Speaker (in Heb.): Dr. Ruchama Weiss. Tickets: 85 NIS / Members: 75 NIS</span></p> Cinematheque Jerusalem Cinematheque

Love, Gender and Role-Playing

Speaker (in Heb.): Dr. Ruchama Weiss

Force Majeure

Dir.: Ruebn Ostlund
| 120 minutes

A wickedly funny and precisely observed psychodrama about a model Swedish family on a skiing holiday in the French Alps. When an avalanche suddenly bears down on the slopes, the father makes a decision that will shake his marriage to its core. 

Tuesday 23.01.18 23.01.18
Cinematheque 3
Cinematheque 3
2018-01-23 19:00:00 2018-01-23 22:00:00 Asia/Jerusalem Between the Sheets at 60, Does Love Have an Age Limit? <p>Speaker (in Heb.): Dr. Mijal Luria </p> Cinematheque Jerusalem Cinematheque

Between the Sheets at 60, Does Love Have an Age Limit?

Speaker (in Heb.): Dr. Mijal Luria 

Something's Gotta Give

Dir.: Nancy Meyers
| 128 minutes

Harry is a swinging fiftysomething entertainment executive who only dates younger women. Erica is a recently-divorced successful playwright with a twenty-something daughter. According to the rules of the romantic comedy, their mutual revulsion will turn into love. 

Tuesday 20.02.18 20.02.18
Cinematheque 3
Cinematheque 3
2018-02-20 19:00:00 2018-02-20 22:00:00 Asia/Jerusalem Virtual Love - Reality or Imagination? <p>Speaker (in Heb.): Avner Hacohen </p> Cinematheque Jerusalem Cinematheque

Virtual Love - Reality or Imagination?

Speaker (in Heb.): Avner Hacohen 


Dir.: Spike Jonze
| 126 minutes

After a painful breakup, Theodore finds comfort with Samantha, his newly purchased operating system that arranges his life and captures his heart. Spike Jonze’s new masterpiece offers a sober observation of the near future.