Monthly Screenings

New Films

Only the Brave

Dir.: Joseph Kosinski
| 134 minutes

The fire department of Prescott, Arizona, has to undergo rigorous training and qualification testing for the most dangerous of firefighting duty. A classic American drama that combines an epic plot with real-life heroes.

A Gentle Creature

Dir.: Sergei Loznitsa
| 143 minutes

Upon receiving a package addressed to her imprisoned husband, a woman travels to the distant prison. But her journey becomes an absurd odyssey into Russia’s heartless darkness – an allegory on contemporary Russia.  


Dir.: George Clooney
| 105 minutes

George Clooney worked with an early Coen brothers’ script about a robbery gone wrong in a 1950s American suburb, added a sub-story about the turbulent atmosphere when an African-American family moves into the neighborhood, and created an intricate and dense drama that tips its hat at America today.

Back to Burgundy

Dir.: Cedric Klapisch
| 113 minutes

Jean returns to his family’s vineyard in Burgundy after a long absence. His father’s death will force him and his siblings to face family and professional turbulences. With the breathtaking vistas of Burgundy and a stirring plot, Back to Burgundy offers a light and entertaining treat.

Patti Cake$

Dir.: Geremy Jasper
| 108 minutes

Patti Cake$, a white, overweight, charismatic and enormously talented rapper dreams of escaping her tedious life in New Jersey. With the help of good friends and her grandmother, Patti sets out to conquer the Hip-Hop scene. 

Faces Places

Dir.: Agnes Varda, JR
| 89 minutes

Veteran director Agnes Varda and street artists JR embark on a journey through rural France, capturing everyday heroes in a unique and captivating way. A delightful and original work that has everything that great art can offer. 

Murder on the Orient Express

Dir.: Kenneth Branagh
| 114 minutes

When a dubious businessman is murdered on a luxury train crossing Europe in the mid-1930s, celebrated detective Hercule Poirot is recruited to solve the case. Based on Agatha Christie’s famous detective novel, the film is lit with a glittering line of stars and a striking periodical design. 


Dir.: Samuel Maoz
| 113 minutes

Foxtrot is the story of a family. The parents live in their comfortable apartment; their son, a soldier, is posted far from them. Despite the distance and total estrangement, they change each other’s fate.