Monthly Screenings

Utopia Festival – A Selection

Have a Nice Day

Dir.: Liu Jian
| 75 minutes

A bag with a million yuan serves as a target for some characters living on the wrong side of the law. The bag leads them on a violent journey in southern China’s industrial area. Liu Jian presents this animated feature for adults, an entertaining and intriguing work. 

The Zombies are Coming!

On the crazy history of the living dead in cinema. Speaker (in Heb.): Eitan Gafny

Night of the Living Dead

Dir.: George Romero
| 98 minutes

After a spaceship crashes in a town in the Southern United States, a band of hideous creatures emerges and begins to devour living human beings. Hysteria is compounded when corpses from cemeteries are resurrected to participate in the eating spree.

The Endless

Dir.: Aaron Moorhead, Justin Benson
| 100 minutes

After discovering a mysterious tape, two brothers return to the cult they fled from years ago. The new encounter leads to startling revelations. A hit in the festival circuit, The Endless is a unique work that combines realism with elements of science fiction and horror. 

The Villainess

Dir.: Byung-gil Jung
| 129 minutes

Seven minutes of pure action ends with the opening headlines, followed by the heroine, the one from whose point of view we saw the previous scene, accept a life or death offer from the government. One of the best thrillers of the year, incorporating mind-blowing action with heartfelt scenes.