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I Promise you Anarchy / אני מבטיח לך אנרכיה

I Promise You Anarchy
Dir.: Julio Hernández Cordón | 88 minutes

I Promise You Anarchy

Mexico, Germany 2015 | 88 minutes | Spanish | English, Hebrew subtitles

Miguel and Johnny are best friends as well as lovers (despite Johnny's girlfriend). When they are not skateboarding around Mexico City's chaotic neighborhoods or testing their sexuality, they try to make a few pesos in the illicit blood trade. When the two discover a business opportunity, they set out to collect donations from the city's poor, but the operation soon goes off the rails.

The new film by Julio Hernández Cordón (Marimbas from Hell, Dust) is a work that is both bold and sensitive, interweaving different genres and telling an unusual love story set against a gritty backdrop. The film was screened in the Locarno, Toronto, San Sebastian and other festivals, winning numerous awards.