Monthly Screenings
Dir.: Tal Haim Yofee | 72 minutes


Israel 2017 | 72 minutes | Hebrew | English subtitles

Two holocaust survivors and their Pilipino care taker live in a small apartment.
The movie portrays their daily routine - getting up, getting dressed, every little action takes eternity, creating a flex in time. Ze'ev was born in a Polish village, the grandson of a poor shoemaker, a 'Steitel' childhood, fled to Russia when the Germans invaded and lost his family. Hella was born in Warsaw to a bourgeois family, the war interrupted a happy childhood. Loida hovers around the two, taking care of everything - she was born to a poor family and when her son was five she had to fly to Israel to earn some money.
The three stories intertwine and echo in one another, creating a new family cell.