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The Venerable W.
Dir.: Barbet Schroeder | 100 minutes

The Venerable W.

France, Switzerland 2017 | 100 minutes | Burmese, French | Hebrew, English subtitles

Those convinced that Buddhists are devoted to the principles of peace and tolerance, must see this film. Ashin Wirathu, an influential Buddhist monk has been leading a violent racist struggle against Myanmar’s Muslim minority for decades. Muslims have been persecuted by Wirathu’s followers and by government branches: hundreds have been killed, thousands of homes burned to the ground, and tens of thousands have fled the country. Esteemed director Barbet Schroeder presents a fascinating and disturbing documentary including interviews with Wirathu and his most resolute opponents, and shots of violent incidences that took place in the 1970s. The third in a trilogy including Schroeder’s films on Idi Amin (1974) and Jacques Vergès (2007). 

Original title:
Le Vénérable W.