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Dir.: Ralitza Petrova | 99 minutes


Bulgaria, Denmark, France 2016 | 99 minutes | Bulgarian | Hebrew, English subtitles

In a godforsaken Bulgarian village, a nurse steals ID cards from her demented patients to sell on the black market. She supports her unemployed mother with whom she barely speaks, and her relationship with her boyfriend has become nothing more than a means to feed her morphine addiction. She seems emotionally numb, but that changes when a new patient touches her distorted conscience. Ralitza Petrova’s debut, winner of the top prize at the Locarno Film Festival, is at once grim and unnerving, fascinating and powerful. Petrova combines social realism with elements of suspense underscored by a subtle and impressive performance by Irena Ivanova in the lead role for which she won Best Actress at Locarno.