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Bloody Milk
Dir.: Hubert Charuel | 90 minutes

Bloody Milk

France 2017 | 90 minutes | French | Hebrew, English subtitles

Pierre is a handsome 30-year-old dairy farmer whose life revolves around his family’s small farm, his cows, veterinarian sister, and aging parents. When a disease epidemic spreads to cowsheds throughout France, one of Pierre’s cows becomes contaminated. Regulations dictate the destruction of the entire herd, but Pierre will do anything to save his beloved cows. Hubert Charuel’s debut film, warmly received by critics at Cannes, is much more than a movie about a dairy farmer. Charuel employs the rural regions of his childhood to create a touching and engaging movie, effectively combining elements of drama, suspense, and humor, while ingeniously casting Swann Arlaud who provides a powerful performance in the lead role.